There has to be a Xpro2....

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Re: There has to be a Xpro2....

DocetLector wrote:

As a long time Fuji user - I have my S3 pro now for 9 years as my main camera - I am still not ready to buy into the X-System. I was very close to do so when the Xpro1 came but I wanted to wait a little bit to see if there are flaws with the new system and I also knew that the price will come down soon as it did with the S3. Then the XE1 hit the market with some improvements over the Xpro1 which could not be fixed in a firmware update like the better ELV.

I never considered to buy a XE camera because they are to small to hold comfortably especially with the bigger lenses and there are quite big lenses coming up on the roadmap!

And now the XT1 is there, a nice little camera, weathersealed and quite responsive. But still not up to professional standards and still to small for my hands.

I personally do not understand why a camera body has to be so small, carrying a camera the whole day. To me size doesn`t matter much - it is the weight which gives pain.

So I am looking forward to a new XPro at least the size of the XPro1, fast,responsive, weathersealed, with 2 batteries and 2 card slots and enough space between the buttons.

Just my opinion...

So the X-E is too small, but the X-Pro is not. And the X-T is not up to professional standards.

Right now, you're shooting what is basically an ancient Nikon DSLR; why not just get a modern one? I don't know why someone who doesn't like small cameras would be looking at Fuji.

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