D600 dropped in ocean!

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Re: D600 dropped in ocean!

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I have dropped my D600 in salt water. It initially was still one but once I took another photo it turned off and wouldn't turn back on. A few hours later after getting as much water off as possible I turned it back on and took anther picture then it turned itself back off. I have since taken the case off and rinsed it with normal water to rid of all the salt water to stop corrosion. I then put it in a container with rice to dry it out and soak up the water. I will leave this for a few days in the sun.

I was wondering if I'd be better to replace the Main Circuit Board once it is dry. I rang Nikon and they said they wouldn't fix bother fixing it, but I am determined to fix it if all it needs is a dry and maybe replacement PCB.

If anybody has has this problem, any information would be appreciated. Thank You

Forget it, my D90 and 18-105 VR was soaked by a freak wave, removed the battery immediately, put both camera and lens in a bucket of fresh water at the same time running a tap over the lot, after drying it for a few day popped the battery back in turned it on and within a couple of second the camera shorted circuit, smoke billowing out - that was it, the lens still works, auto focus and all that but with water streaking marks on the multiple lens surfaces the photo just like taken through bottom of a beer bottle. Even after a few months I still saw a faint trace of salt leeching out of the camera body joints - Nikon don't want to know about it, they rather sell you a new body/lens.

D800 is weather sealed but not water proof, it will survive rain, hails, snow but not soaking in a bucket of water - to do that you need the Nikonos or the latest submersible V1 Nikon

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