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IanML wrote:

Peaceful Mind wrote:

...Considering AF-D is just an application of what CDAF+OSPDAF+SLT can do, E mount with SLT adapter should receive similar application.

As I recall, that is not AF-D, which uses special purpose sensors embedded in the sensor, in conjunction with particular lens characteristics, to provide rate of change of subject-to-sensor distance.

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I mean the AF-D technology, on the hardware level, relies on the OSPDAF and SLT-PDAF. With those information and some pre-measured data in the software, they can then have depth information which make AF-D possible.

And of course A99 have much more PDAF points, whether on sensor or from SLT. I guess partly it is due to the lack of PDAF sensor in the A7+LA-EA4 combination, it makes it more difficult to have AF-D. But with A6000 and it huge no of OSPDAF array, I'm thinking they should be able to get AF-D on that camera at least.

Anyway, from the point of view of my own interest, surely I want the AF-D technology with A-mount lenses, with E mount cameras. That doesn't mean I am not considering a backup camera. But I would rather have two E mount cameras, e.g. A7R + A7, or A7R + A6000, than A7R + A99. In the case of having two E-mount cameras, I can use all E and A mounts lenses on both of them (with adapter) which make my life easier. In fact this is the major reason I want to sell my Nikon system. Having both a D800E and A7R turns out to be a curse to me. Because I often have to bring two system at the same time.

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