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Re: Lightroom is the gold standard

Brian_Downunda wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

Thanks for acknowledging that the halo is there.

Just to be clear - it's not easy to see. Not at all. I don't consider that it can be used to support sweeping generalisations.

I'll try and resist the sweeping generalizations as long as the halo is really there. I find the halo pretty easy to see with a little sharpening applied. Remember in a previous instance some months ago with another weakness of ACR/LR processing X-Trans your conclusion was that ACR/LR X-Trans needed more than the profile default sharpening.

As I said I'm not the first or only one to have been annoyed by that halo and other weaknesses with Adobe's processing of X-Trans raw files. ACR/LR does a good job with X-Trans RAF files most of the time but it encounters difficulty with some files that others besides myself have noticed. And we've also noticed that competing converters do better. I expect more from Adobe. I want them to be the industry leader; in this case they're not.

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