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Re: Lightroom is the gold standard

Brian_Downunda wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

If you can't help then as far as Fuji X-Trans raw files are concerned your gold standard is fools gold.

P.S. In C1 and PN that file processes without a trace of that halo.

This is one of those sweeping statements that I take exception to. I've never claimed that LR is some kind of gold standard. I agree that other converters deliver better detail in some cases. I just can't see that it makes a lot of practical difference for most purposes. I think you yourself have said that LR does an acceptable job much of the time.

Yes, I can see the slight halo. It's not easy to see. I can just see it at 100% view. It's clearer at higher magnifications. I don't believe that you'd see it in a print unless it was very, very large, and certainly not in a file that was resized for the web. So I don't consider it of practical consequence for most uses.

I think C1 also has a slight halo, but it's even harder to see unless you crank up the sharpening.

Less heat and more light please (this comment addressed to all).

LR does an acceptable job much/most of the time -- agreed. I've also said that if I were making my living taking photos right now instead of teaching Photoshop and LR that I'd use LR as my business software -- no other choice.

Thanks for acknowledging that the halo is there. That's all I've wanted -- I know it's not me. I'm not the only one who has found that halo and I already know that there's nothing that can be done to coax ACR/LR to not place that halo. Any attempt to sharpen the photo just exacerbates the halo. For what I shoot that halo shows up a lot in my photos and indeed it annoys me more since I know other converters don't do it.

How slight it is and how damaging it is does depend a lot on how the photo will be used. Yeah you won't see it in your web photos. I am a print maker and I do make large enough prints that it shows.

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