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Re: Lightroom is the gold standard

>>> I've proven you wrong and you can't prove otherwise and you just can't let it go.

Again, the only thing you've proven is you can't process your test photo to your satisfaction with Lightroom. Not much else to say or to prove. You've proven it doesn't work for you.

>>> You'd show everyone I was wrong at this point if you could, but you can't.

Seriously, I'm not interested in proving you (or anybody) wrong. Makes no difference to me if you're not able to successfully process your photos with Lightroom.  Lightroom works fine for loads of people. Again, you should use something else, or practice more with Lightroom. I don't think you have any other choices.

As I said before it works great for me (see my blog) and many other people. You should be happy with that outcome. Instead, you're angry, demanding "proofs," etc.  Very strange.

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