I do not understand the HATRED for mirrorless cameras on this forum.

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Re: I do not understand the HATRED for mirrorless cameras on this forum.

Mellowmark wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

I think it is not. First, there are super cheap crop solutions like the 18-55 and 55-250 lenses, which are at least as good as the 14-42 and 40-15 lenses mentioned earlier, and cheaper. Next, the fast m43 lenses are ridiculously big, heavy, and expensive; and only f/4 equivalent but the m43 forums are full of denial about that.

Expensive, yes but ridiculously big and heavy?


14-35/2 (not even wide enough): $2,300, 900g. Canon 24-70/4 IS: $800 on Adorama right now, 600g, 3cm shorter.

35-100/2: $2,500, 1.65kg. Canon 70-200/4 IS: $1,200 right now, 760g (!), 3cm thinner and 4cm shorter.

(I assume you mean the fast [2.8] m43 zoom lenses - some of the primes are tiny). They may well be F4 equivalent in terms of depth of field

Make that f/5.6 FF equivalent.

(which can be an advantage and a disadvantage) but it's still F2.8 in terms of exposure.

Here we go! Why is the same exposure for two different formats even a consideration? The phone in my signature is even better then (f/2.5)?

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