Which film camera for my buddy's wedding?

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Re: Which film camera for my buddy's wedding?

Instax is fun with the guests. Get one of them and have fun.

One thing about 35mm SLR is that you will have to get through 36 shots before changing film. Which can be good or bad thing.

Where is the wedding held? Indoors or outdoors? What film speeds are you going to be using?

I would recommend MF and either a Pentax or Contax 645 with AF. But it depends on your budget. Contax can be big $$$.

You will get 16 photos befor you need to change rolls, so you will get opportunity to shoot colour and BW and change your ISO if you go indoors.

Otherwise stick to what you have and works. Get some Portra 160/400, Pro 400H and Tmax/Trix for BW and go and have fun.

Also if you want your photos to look like Jose Villa's work, remember to overexpose by 2-3 stops...

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