The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

You have proven my point. Had I not submitted my image 'Stilton' (which came 3rd out of 50 entries) that work would not have been seen/shared - at least not at this time.

I truly don't care if my 'Stilton' entry is DQ/deleted for breaking the date rule. As I have made clear, I am no advocate of the rule and have made no attempt to hide the EXIF data which is in plain view for all to see - even for a Sherlock Holmes wannabe - like yourself!

How entries are policed on DPR is probably best left to people like yourself who seem to glean pleasure from believing that opinionated types like myself have been mortally wounded by your 'quick-witted' remarks (now that, is truly hilarious).

'Stilton' - despite being captured 7yrs ago proves that images taken outside of date-rules are just as relevant and appreciable as any photo taken in date.

Despite attempts to besmirch my points with rumours that I've deleted my gallery, have an old account knocking about on DP (big deal) - and have similar images loaded on my dormant Flickr account none of you, so far, have been able to present a convincing argument that promotes the merits, usefulness and benefits of denying submissions based on capture date.

keep snapping!

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