Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Brian Caslis
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Re: Just opinions.. nothing to get worked up over.. but they do.

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

D200_4me wrote:

Ultimately, any person's review is not something to get all worked up about...unless they're just totally uninformed or biased and telling a bunch of lies on purpose. I think Steve's review is simply his own personal experience and opinion speaking. And yes, indeed he does need to make a living so he does reviews and posts lots of stuff on his site and has plenty of advertising. Gotta make a living, you know. Nothing wrong with that. Me on the other day job pays for my photography site and I usually don't make any money from photography. I don't put much effort into it though. It's just a hobby/fun, first and foremost. I don't want to ruin my fun by having to pander to anyone or beg people to buy something from me.

I had a guy write me after I put up my "review" of the X-T1 late Saturday night giving me grief because I did not go into the "problems" with the X-Trans sensor and a myriad of other pixel-peeping details. That's not what I do.. I just post my impressions of the camera and post some of the pictures I have taken with it. I do it for fun, no ads, no pleas for money to help pay the rent. My website costs me less than $20 a month.. but then I don't pretend to be anything but a hobbyist/amateur.... and I still get hate mail.

You can view my thoughts and samples on the X-T1 at: No hate mail please.

Simply amazing that people feel that they can demand others to follow their opinion when the material is provided at no cost to them.

Very nice review. I'm just amazed by people's attitudes.

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