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Re: Lightroom is the gold standard

Ysarex wrote:

Brad Evans wrote:

I'm sorry you are not able to process your X-E2 photos to your satisfaction. Plenty of people, including myself have with no problems at all. I have absolutely no interest in playing with your file.

Best advice I can offer is keep working at it like the rest of have. You'll get there...

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I have no problems at all processing my X-E2 RAF files to my satisfaction -- I got there a long time ago.

I and others have offered visual proof of LR's poor performance with X-Trans raw files. You can blow all the smoke you want: this is one of those put up or..... situations. Until you provide visual documentation, I've proven you wrong and have to assume that poor IQ performance is good enough for you, or you just can't tell.

Wow!  Really some strange competition you're trying to engage in here, fueled with anger. You haven't proven anything, other than you can't process one of your test  photos to your satisfaction, and that you attempt to compensate with your aggression on an internet forum.

Again, LR works fine for me and many others who have learned how to do so.  I have plenty of photos that demonstrate it works great for me.

If LR doesn't work for you, that's OK too - no need to get angry. Give up and use something else, or keep practicing with LR. Not much more I can say about that.

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