Blasted OM-D focusing

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Re: An example.

Yes, I agree.  However neither my D3 nor my GH2 would have had any trouble focusing on the eye in S-AF.
The fact the OM-D has to be switched to MF when faced with the slightest problem is, for me, the camera's only major flaw.
I find it intensely irritating.  And tomorrow I will have to photograph the blasted dog all over again, this time in MF.

Brian Wadie wrote:

I can see why its doing it in the example you posted, there is little contrast difference between the dogs eye and head so the focus spot is going for the nearest point of strong focus, which happens to be on the jacket.

Add to that you were shooting wide open so had minimal DOF, you were asking for trouble with AF

I would have manual focused this shot

(With the EM-1 I would probably have tried CAF first as the PDAF may have over-ridden the CDAF pixels and grabbed the eye, but there really isn't a lot to focus on the eye in this shot as both the colour and contrast look almost identical between the eye and eye patch fur

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