Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Chad Hardy
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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Ramius wrote:

I was fully aware of their lens roadmap. But like I said before, you think I just want to buy Sonys own lenses for this camera? No.

But Sony said that the 35mm, 55mm and 24-70mm would be available at launch. I planned to buy it with 24-70mm, but was unable to at launch, because at that time it did not exist, and had to settle for the 35mm. Which is also great. So now I have both.

But I do not intend on buying whatevers next from Zeiss/Sony. Its too costly, which is why I miss cheaper FE alternatives. I personally rarely use tele linses in my line of work. So I much rather buy a cheap Tamron tele, if they would offer that.

But I did use my 10-20mm wide angle from Sigma alot, and I miss something similiar for FE. But if Zeiss launched a Touit for FE, I hardly think that would justify the argument that "wide angle is now available". Thats way too expensive, and what Im missing persoanlly, is choices. A whole range of standard zooms. Not just one Zeiss zoom. But competitors interpretations as well. And it annoys me that none of them has even announced anything.

But I´m patient and worked for four months using just the 35mm. I took that as a kind of work challenge, and it was fun, but required me to work in different ways.

When you do something different and mind blowing like FF on a mirrorless camera the tradeoff is a new lens roadmap.  Sony has done a great job trying to bridge that gap by offering adapters that allow use of A mount lenses (more than enough for you to use) and E mount compatibility.  Yes the E mounts might not always be perfect (crop, etc) but they work just fine.  If that wasn't enough, you can throw on a third party adapter and access almost every lens in the world (MF, but we all shot this way before the 80s and yes Adams had some ok photos).

It is obvious you are not the early adopter type, and that is just fine.  Keep shooting with your canon or nikon gear and come back and see us in a few years.  You will have all the lenses you want for your "pro" career.

By then we will have medium format sensors on google glass, and you will be complaining about them as well.

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