Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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yardcoyote wrote:

It's all about the OVF for me. I haven't had a chance yet to try the latest greatest EVFs (I think those would be the ones in the new Olympus EM-10 and the Fuji XT 1),

E-M1, not non-existing "EM-10" or even E-M10.

but up to this point I can easily tell the difference between watching a small TV or screen and actually looking out at the real world through the big hole in the front.

And that is a good thing. The whole in the front cannot show you where you have overexposed or underexposed or botched ISO or WB, for example.

But the display on the back can -- so you have the best of both worlds in that regard.

Not really - the display on DSLRs has low resolution, invisible in bright light, and on most DSLRs does not even tilt. And most importantly, DSLRs cannot autofocus with any decent speed this way, while mirrorless (at least decent ones, not from Canon or Pentax) autofocus quickly and much more precisely than DSLRs with separate AF systems.

This is somehow supposed to be a rebuttal to my comment? Did you read it or did you just decide to do some editorializing? You commented that having an EVF should somehow save you from over exposed, under exposed, botched ISO or WB. The little LCD on the back of a DSLR does all this quite well.

It does not do it "quite well", because DSLR with the screen loses ability to autofocus "quite well".

Once again, you said "The whole [sic.] in the front cannot show you where you have overexposed or underexposed or botched ISO or WB, for example". Did I somehow miss where you said anything about "Autofocus"?

And if it is resolution that you are concerned about, the OVF blows away the EVF (any of them) in every way.

Except there is no point because OVF cannot do anything EVF can except showing framing - and unlike EVF, in most DSLRs even that is approximation, not 100%.

Once again, my comment was that the EVF cannot match the RESOLUTION of the OVF. I don't see how your reply has any relevance to my comment.

There are other things that the EVF can do that the OVF cannot but these particular ones would not be high on my list.

Everybody has their own priorities. But the fact is, DSLR user chimp all the time while mirrorless users don't, because there is no need.

OK, I'll bite -- if that is the case, then why do all of those mirrorless cameras have an LCD on the back side then.

There is play mode, there are settings, and many customers like to shoot like it is a P&S or smartphone.

Hmmm..... sounds sort of like "Chimping" to me... but then we know that mirrorless users never EVER do that, don't we ;-).

After all, you can't see it, it is lower resolution, etc. etc. etc. Given that most of these mirrorless cameras cost as much as the equivalent DSLR (if not more than), they could save some money (not to mention power).

They turn off power to the screen when you are using EVF.

Chimping commonly refers to the act of checking the shot immediately after taking it. In my experience this is commonly to check the exposure as you cannot nail an exposure using an OVF. Certainly when I was using a DSLR I'd chimp very regularly to check I hadn't blown the highlights.

With an EVF, you can nail the exposure prior to taking the shot, through a variety of methods. I'm a fan of live blinkies. Therefore, there's no need for checking exposure after the shot is taken.

If you think chimping is browsing through your photos, or using live view, or whatever, I suggest you update your photographic dictionary.

I think that perhaps you should consider updating yours. The term "chimping" comes from the act of going Oooo, Oooo, Oooo, (like the sound a chimpanzee makes) as you check the photo on the back of the camera (obviously impressed with it, I guess). Here you go:


Urban Dictionary? Seriously?

Camera: "A little box that bestows a power unknown on its weilder, which gives them the apparent ability to control the facial expression and bodily pose of whomever they point the small box toward."

A most definitive source.

Anyway, you've now had it explained to you that what is being talked about is specifically the common act of checking a shot, typically for exposure, immediately after capture. I really don't care whether you don't like the term chimping being used to describe that practice, or wish to divert the subject to a semantic argument about the word.

Actually, it was you who diverted the subject with the comment "If you think chimping is browsing through your photos... ...I suggest you update your photographic dictionary". All I did was provide two perfectly valid references pointing to what is generally the accepted definition.  Therefore there was no real need for me to do that, and... for that matter, really no need for your obnoxious comment either.

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