Blasted OM-D focusing

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Re: Louis,

My point is that, at 5%, the OM-D's failure rate is not especially high, but it is consistent.  That is to say if it is set up fail, it fails EVERY shot.
It's not inherent in CDAF, the simple fact is it likes grabbing background in a way that, say, my GH2 did not.  
And it happens because even at 14x the focusing area is too large.
I have a constant battle to get it to focus on the foreground, and sometimes, as per today, I lose.
The camera is always set to SAF-MF, but dogs jiggle about.  If you MF you mostly miss the shot.  
It's a depressing and annoying flaw in an otherwise excellent camera.

LaMesa wrote:

I would guess that you, in the early days of your photographic career, did take most of your pictures without autofocus. Focussing manually, your intelligent mind helped you to distinguish your subject from the background foilage. The smartest autofocus in the world can not do that.

With an autofocus failure rate of only 5% you are a lucky man. My guess is that the failures were always there, but you suddenly became allergic. Why don't you use the setting "S-AF+MF", which allows you to correct or fine tune the AF setting?

Greetings from North Germany,


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