Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: lol ....

If by "struck a nerve" you mean "posted in a manner characteristic of our regular forum trolls such as ducking any hard questions put to you, while being very selective in what you respond to or what you reveal such that it became clear you had no interest in actually learning or making the most of your toolset" then yeah, you "struck a nerve."

  1. You can't explain your preference for cheap superzooms while claiming to be a "pro"
  2. You can't explain your obsession with cheap lenses when claiming to make money from your gear, where quality is much more desirable
  3. You can't explain how you jumped into a brand new system without the faintest idea what your "professional" needs were against what the system offers
  4. Your expectations sound like this is the first time you've ever seen a system launch, and you don't even know how to read line lengths on a roadmap
  5. You first wanted cheap pancake primes then suddenly you wanted gigantic expensive f2.8 zooms thinking if a third party maker did it they could perform magic and make it cheap, without the faintest clue how economies of scale work for third party manufacturers

In short, it's become clear to everyone your background story is either fantasy or trolling

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