I do not understand the HATRED for mirrorless cameras on this forum.

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Re: I do not understand the HATRED for mirrorless cameras on this forum.

Pantyhose Bandit wrote:


Just need to reply to this because your username made me laugh more than it should have.

Mark B. wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Lab D wrote:

I remember reading how MP3s would never replace CDs because they had inferior quality. Of course the DSLR guys hate CDs and think they will never replace LPs.

MP3s do have inferior quality.

No doubt to an audiophile. But for the majority of users the difference can't be heard. Besides, I can't imagine strapping a portable CD player to my arm at the gym instead of my iPod Nano I've also adapted to using the iPod conection in my car stereo instead of keeping a stack of CDs.


Your post further highlights what some people have been pointing out in response to OP. There is nothing stopping a person from loading their portable music player with lossless audio. Portable flash memory based media players (or hard drive based) does not preclude lossless audio, just as mirrorless does not preclude full frame sized sensors.

Dr Hal wrote:

First of all I must say that I am very happy with my mirrorless cameras but I could not care less whether or not other people are using DSLR's, Point and Shoots, Bridge Cameras, or even cell phone or I pad cameras. I hope that all of them thrive and that the manufacturers keep making them all better and better. I love photography and have been buying and using cameras from the time I was thirteen years old and my dad bought me a Retina IIIC in 1957. Photography has allowed me to see the world in special ways and has truly enriched my life and I dare say that most of us on this or any of the other forums feel the same way. Please calm down and stop all the stupid mean comments back and forth. Just because we live in a crazy "polarized" world, there is no need for us to get crazy about different types of cameras. These are merely choices.


I hope it is clearer from the responses that your post does not ring true. Those who decided mirrorless was not for them just post as such, that it does not meet their needs. Those who have fully embraced mirrorless tend towards posts such as:

rj conklin wrote:

fear and ignorance cause hatred.

Jaberwok wrote:

Canikon trolls and dinosaurs.

And a whole host of others... see posts by "Lab D", "Ontario Gone", "n3eg" all very familiar names whenever mirrorless (but more specifically m43) needs "defending" by someone who finds them not fit for their needs.

In fact, you are more likely to find mirrorless users hating on mirrorless cameras more than DSLR users. What I mean by that are the vocal m43 minority that slam Nikon 1 series, Eos M series, Sony NEX series, Fuji series. Either the lenses are not small enough for the sacrifice in quality, or they are too large for the small gain in image quality. This stems from their belief that only a goldilocks approach to photography is valid, any other preferences are based on fear, ignorance, hatred, stubbornness and delusion. It is these types that you should be directing your OP towards (as well as anyone who derides others choice/preference). It is fine to like what you like, just don't deny the realities. e.g. f/2 = f/2 = f/2 but somehow 50mm = 100mm???

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