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WIsh you luck 8(

I have had several good experiences with buydig....but earlier this week one of my colleagues had a disastrous experience. They promised delivery on such-and-such day....when she couldn't find a tracking number, she called and was assured it would arrive that morning. This made no sense, so she called back, got another person, and was told the camera she ordered was not in stock and there would be a delay. Someone flat-out lied to her. She canceled the order and called B & H Photo.

Johnnycb wrote:

Anyone had any experience with purchasing from

I spoke with Canon to be sure they are an authorized Canon
Distributor and got a "yes they are" from Canon.

How about you guys?

Ok to buy from or Run The Other Way?

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Austin, Republic of Texas

Who is Johnny?

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Nancy Burton . . . if something's worth doing, it's worth doing badly 8-)

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