Blasted OM-D focusing

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Re: Blasted OM-D focusing

I do sympathise with you!  I have the EM1 and there are times, when the subject is smallish and the background contrasty, when I have the same problem.  I have the small focus points set by default.  I've made some observations:

1) Sometimes, the camera will try to focus on the background, even when the ENTIRE focus point is on the subject.  So I wonder if the "small" focus point feature is actually a fake, i.e. it's just a smaller green square in the viewfinder?

2) The problem is actually very quick and easy to deal with.  Just point the camera at something close (like your feet), half-press the shutter to get the focus close, then point at your subject.  It now finds the subject before the background and will focus happily (and unerringly accurately) on the subject.  Works every single time.

3) I bought the EM1 solely for the small focus point feature as I photograph small birds in dark forest.  Two weeks later, Olympus bought out the EM10 with this feature and added it to the EM5, which could have saved me $1,000.  Grr.

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