New Olympus 17mm 1.8

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Re: New Olympus 17mm 1.8

bluelemmy wrote:

As you might be aware, a number of fairly well reputed test sites have shown it to be less sharp than the 12-35/2.8

I have both these lenses and they are my most used ones. The zoom is as sharp as I ever need but the 17mm is sharper.

Is that a subjective impression based upon using the lenses at different times or have you done a controlled test comparing them?  If so, can we see the results?

I think that almost every MFT lens is reasonably sharp, at least in the center of the frame.  The difference between the very best and a just decent lens, in terms of sharpness, may not be easy to detect unless you are testing carefully.  Of course one might conclude that we shouldn't then obsess so much over sharpness.  We probably shouldn't ... but I can't help myself.  

I think most of us are influenced by external factors, like what we paid for a lens, how it feels in the hand, what it's reputation is, etc.  I know I've sometimes been surprised by the results of my own tests, when, on occasion, I've shot for a while with lens A and lens B, concluded that B was the sharper lens, and then done systematic tests only to discover that A is in fact the sharper lens.

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