Lens Suggestions for Newbie with a Panasonic GH4

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Good point

honeyiscool wrote:

paul cool wrote:

The 14-140 mm for ease of use ,sharp enough at all focal lengths ,and a good range ,if you could only own one lens in the m43 this would be the one ,or maybe the Nocticron but that lens is really all about luxury exotic glass,.i actually don't own either but own the two panasonic 12-35 -35-100mm f2.8 lenses and there pretty good and weather sealed ,if you need it .

It depends on the concert, really. At 90% of the concerts I go to, f/3.5-5.6 borders on being useless, with only f/3.5 truly useful for video. If it's a well lit and large venue, though, it'd definitely be enough. Otherwise, I'd go for one of the f/2.8 zooms, probably the 12-35. You can always use extra tele conversion for more reach.

whatever lens you get, the GH4 is likely to have ETC which gives a 2.6x lossless teleconverter in video.

That means if you get a 25mm fast prime, you could use it for small groups of people on stage AND use it for individuals.

Most of the concerts I have shot with stills and the few I have tried with video, I want as fast a lens as possible....can always stop down but can not open up a slower lens.

3.5 lens would be about the slowest lens I would want with a GX7 and ISO 3200 ...that would be unusable at a lot of concerts too.

The GH4 might be usable for video at ISO 6400 so maybe get away with a slower lens a bit more often.

There are not many fast lenses for a few hundred dollars though (of course you can use fast legacy lenses and manual focus)....that's why I suggest a 45 1.8 (plus it will also give you a lossless 117mm 1.8 lens for video).

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