Blasted OM-D focusing

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Re: Blasted OM-D focusing

Paulmorgan wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I don't have any of the issues some people have had with the OM-D. In every way except one I find it a brilliant camera. Shutter shock? Never get it. Handling / size issues? Works perfectly for me. Menu structures? No problem!
Many of you have been here a few years know who I am. I'm not bad at this stuff. I've drifted sideways from semi-pro photography into dog rescue - I use a camera as much as before, but it is no longer art, it is dog sales, and you don't want to see that, so you rarely hear from me now.
But the focusing is just awful. It is pin point accurate, unlike my old Nikon D3, and blisteringly fast, unlike previous generations. It just keeps grabbing the background! Not only does it ruin 5% of shots, as did dSLRs, but it doesn't miss individual shots, it misses every shot on 5% of occasions, which is much worse, because you have t drive 500 miles to re-do the shoot!
I'm really four letter word fed up with this. Is the EM-1 any better?
And yes, I know how to set it to the smallest point. The smallest point is NOT SMALL ENOUGH. Not small enough by several billion, million miles.
A nearly brilliant camera, ruined by a really infuriating flaw.
Seriously annoyed. Unless you can fill a quarter of the frame with what you plan to focus on, the AF is useless. It just adores the foliage behind.

Its all swings and roundabouts with contrast V Phase detect auto-focus, each have there advantages and disadvantages.

The EM1 will be better simply because it uses both contrast detect and phase detect auto-focus.

For this type of shot the E-M1 will have no advantage over a firmware updated E-M5. Both will be using CDAF and have the smaller focus box.

I'd try face recognition, and for critical shots 500 miles away, I'd shoot a few double checking the focus with the 14x magnification and MF.

I've had very few issues shooting animals with either camera.'s gear's gear list
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