Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

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Re: Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

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LouMeluso wrote:

Lou might not be familiar with the enthusiasm that was displayed by Mr. Hogan in a report a few months ago, belittling the Sony cameras in favor M43, in particular the E-M1. He was another one of those who had declared that the A7/r suffered from Shutter Shock, when not a single shred of evidence of that has ever been presented. It looked like a blatant attempt to cast serious aspersion upon the A7/r cameras. And the usual M43 fanboys jumped right into this forum and the battle raged for several days.

Things are much quieter now and I hope they stay that way.


Hi Steve:

You are right I did not read previous opinions from Mr. Hogan. Nor would it change my opinion if I had. I don't understand the defensive stance members have if they discover someone has an opinion that differs from their own. Mr. Hogan has an opinion expressed in this review. I happen to agree with his assessment but I didn't need his agreement to purchase the A7 camera which, BTW, he recommends. Don't we all have bias? Some things we like and some we don't. Mr. Hogan is not allowed to have personal likes and dislikes? He should be the target of name calling or worse because of it? I say no! In the remote chance he had some "secret, hidden agenda" to "cast dispersion" on Sony what? In any case, I got no sense of any of that from this review.

I don't understand the lack of fraternity and comradeship, from some here, that would allow members to freely feel personally affronted and devolve to name calling of reviewer's or even forum members, such as the correspondent directly above, with impunity. I'm shocked and dismayed by the lack of decorum and collegiality in this forum.

You have a point there, Lou. There seems to be a pre-existing consensus here amongst the regular members of this forum about Mr. Thom's apparent M43 boosterism and scorn of comparable Sony products.

Ole Thom's got ice packs on both eye's this morning after writing that black from the A7 and a black eye from the A7r...

They're great cameras folks, and we all know Sony has been hitting home runs with a lot of I am sure these will mature nicely...and yes could you imagine if Sony actually put Oly's CDAF System in these cams? Oly made the BEST move using Focus Peaking in their cameras from Sony...believe me it really helped Oly to if Sony will take Oly's FAST CDAF System and implement it in their cameras they would sweep a large portion of the would look like the outside of and Apple Store when they release a new product...

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Yup, and if they could only de-hump the A7/r everything would be peachy!

But of these FF Sonies, I prefer the RX1's. They were made Perfect by their Maker before being introduced.

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