The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

xml6000 wrote:

My point is that one can't share ones work, with those who one wants, when one wants to. Yes, a future challenge may accommodate the image - but what if ones photograph is poignant - a topical image - a time sensitive image - fitting the week in mention extremely well - tying in perhaps with a big news story - a fleeting trend - a fad - a new idea?

What then, for 'democracy'?

As first I thought you were trying to make a serious point. Now, I realize that you are just concern-trolling. No worries . . . this forum takes all comers.

The word "democracy" does not mean what you think it means. What if an amazing 33 year old comes along who would be a great president of the United States, but he's not allowed to run for office? (The "rules" [ie, the Constitution] requires someone at least 35 years old) The people of the USA would be prevented from voting for the best person. Where's the democracy in that? And I have an amazing sunset photo . . . the best we all have ever seen. Why can't I enter it into the "Take a photo of your dog" challenge on this website? Where's the democracy in that?

The answer is: we live in a world of rules and laws. Some we like; some we don't like. But as a society, we make a social compact to live by the enacted rules. (And we try to change the ones we don't like.) I used to teach 3rd and 5th graders, back in the day. The younger blokes still struggled with having to follow the rules. By the 5th Grade, most students saw the need to do so

And yes, that means that I (a middle-aged man) am not allowed to enter my photos into a Girl Scout Talent Contest, which may mean that the world is deprived of seeing evidence of my photographic brilliance. I will have to console myself with entering into the other 154,912 other photography challenges and contests that are available to me. Although my lips will tremble with the utter injustice and unfairness of this deprivation, I must somehow find the strength to soldier on and pick up the pieces from my now-shattered life.

(If you or anyone looks at my history of post, you'll see a marked lack of snark and mean-spiritedness . . . I hope, at least. But your series of posts in this thread is--I find--really remarkable. You have a sense of entitlement that has left me bemused. And amused. And shocked and appalled. And a bunch of other adjectives not fit for a family-oriented website.)

Welcome to the site, and to the challenges. I hope your attitude changes once you have a few more weeks under your belt.

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