Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Ramius wrote:

JurijTurnsek wrote:

A large user base of APS-C cameras on one side and an emerging user base for FF cameras. How do you please both at the same time? You can't expect Sony to dish out new lenses so fast, because Sony is after quality.

Sony posted the roadmap and you all knew what you bought into. Now deal with it. You can either be happy with what you got or bitch about what you knew was not coming anyway.

That roadmap turned out to be false. It told us that the 24-70mm would launch with the camera.

Road maps change all the time - it was probably accurate when it came out. Since then, we've seen a few changes to it.

But remember that this roadmap is only for their own lenses. Im making this thread about the whole FE range. Where other manufacturers should be offering lenses too. If you look at other sides of the consumer electronics business - Sony does not launch a new Playstation without communicating with third party studios and letting them start working on games before release. I wish they would have done so with this camera and and lenses as well.

I know what you're saying and I'd love to see a Tamron 90 in FE mount that autofocuses! But truly, lack of lenses from Tamron and Sigma isn't Sony's concern - it's a conflict of interest to them. A camera system is never launched and created with 3rd party lenses in mind. So no, Sony didn't wait for or ask for Tamron's or Sigma's cooperation before they launched. I knew this going in and I still bought the camera.

I did hear or see a comment somewhere to the effect that Zeiss will create some FE lenses in their manual focus format - similar to the ZM series.

I'm with you - I'd love to see some more lenses soon. But look at it this way - Sony has some decent options while we wait. We can adapt the A mount lenses and they seem to work well. The distance between the A mount prime and an FE mount version is very short. There are three primes in that series that are 2nd to none, so I hope those get FE'd soon.

But also, you can mount a whole universe of lenses on that camera and they do very well. (Yes, there are a few that don't work well...) I'm actually thrilled that I can go out and buy an older classic lens - be it a Leica screw or bayonet mount or a Pentax or Canon FD. All of these things are possible with this camera. Can't easily adapt Leica or Canon FD to my Nikon.

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