Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

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Re: Can you elaborate

tomtom50 wrote:

Jeff Kott wrote:

The point that several posters have made is that to just compare the A7r to the D800, without taking into account kit size and weight, when the justification for using m4/3 vs. D800 is size and weight, is not logically consistent.

He grants the a7r being slower as understandable considering it is mirrorless, so he acknowledges the trade-offs.

He doesn't see being smaller as any excuse for reduced image quality due to lossy RAW compression, and it isn't. Sony can change their RAW processing without making the camera bigger.

Since Sony processes RAW in a way that has visible artifacts they lose the claim of having D800 image quality. The sensor may be the same but the RAW files are not.

m43 has lower IQ, but it is not crippled by an unnecessary compromise.

there is that.

it's also shady business. Sony makes great claims and boldly advertises these bodies as 14 bit raw recording. (their words).

in no documentation that I can find, it is not mentioned nor described officially as "visuallly lossless" (nikon term), "lossy" or "crap on a stick".

I remember the waving of torches and pitchforks because the canon manual for the 5D Mark II could be been misconstrued at the beginning as offering full manual control during video.

This would have been a feeding frenzy .. I'm not sure why people are defending or even getting on Thom's case - the more public it is, the better chances it gets fixed.

calling thom a fanboy of m43? anti-Sony? really people? this is getting tiring everytime you see / hear something you don't agree with.

I want this fixed. So go Thom. Sooner the better please. I refuse to purchase a A7/A7R with this.

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