Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

You think the A7 is a mid range camera?

I disagree. So what is Sonys top range camera?

The NEX are mid range cameras. Even though it doesnt have as high FPS as Canon 1D and has a more noisy shutter, its still a top range camera. Question is, are those two enough to pay that much more for Canon 1D? For sports photographers this is without question the camera to be using. But when you look at everything beneath this category, pretty much all cameras have around 5-6fps.

Part of the revolution here is that Sony has managed to make full frame more affordable with a more modern construction and mirrorless technology. It is absolutely a top range camera. And I would love to see it compared properly to other top range cameras, when it comes to visual quality and so on. Compared to DSLR competiors, it does have like you say, more intelligent technology, which evens up the odds, in my opinion.

And yes, Im ruling out luxury range cameras like Hasselblad, which is at an astronomically different level.

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