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Re: With the latest firmware...

Louis_Dobson wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:

...the E-M5 now has optional smaller focus rectangles. Note that even with older firmware you can shrink the focus point size by activating the manual focus rectangle (works even in AF mode) and setting it to 14x.


Thanks folks - no I have not upgraded the firmware, I'm a computer person in another life, so I don't risk bricking things for no reason, and as at now I've seen nothing in the FW upgrades that I want.
I set the camera to 14x by instinct as soon as I pick it up. I leave it set there anyway, but I like to be sure!
14x is just not enough. Would more recent firmware let me take it in tighter?

There are two systems for setting AF points on the EM5

1) A 5x7 grid - see page 44 of the pdf manual. With the old firmware, you could set the AF area to one square, 3x3 or the entire 5x7. The new firmware lets you choose a point smaller than one square. Access the grid, push info, set size of AF target with arrows.

2) The zoom frame - see page 45 of the pdf manual. This lets you set the AF target to sizes from 5x to 14x. The new firmware didn't change this.

I believe the new AF point is smaller than the 14x from the zoom frame.

If I missed something, no doubt someone will correct me.

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