Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Re: Painterly jpegs.

Chanthis wrote:

i think it was the jpegs he had an issue with. He said they were painterly.

Yes I think that is fair in some cases and his criticism is not necessarily unfounded. However he does process raw and comment in other reviews and posts/quick comparisons.

Perhaps it is in fact the "flak" that he gets from dissapointed Fuji users is so much that he has decides to comment only on Jpeg?  Im not sure, and besides its his website so rant aside he can say what he wants of course.

What irks me is he is a Mac user and a pretty savvy and technical guy. No one is asking him to run UNIX scripts in Terminal or write code. Anyone here can download the demo of Iridient developer, capture one or Photo Ninja and see better results on screen with no painterly issues. Yet Steve is more comfortable not viewing or being aware of these results, and i find this odd.

Again its Steve's call and I'm just here griping. Those are the facts.

I am just calling BS on his "no BS". Steve huff always says "folks i just call it as i see it" when in fact he has just refused to see any other results other than out of camera results and Adobe raw conversion.

If your eyes are closed to the "other facts" then I guess that is his prerogative but it does put a shadow on the whole truth.

Yes Fuji has smeared a blade of grass or two In Camera but this is only a problem in some select cases. and I have yet to see it or any real issue in the apps above.

Bottom Line I just have to live with it, but I like his website most of the time and wish he would come around on RAW.

DP on the other hand continue to provide the facts for all even if we don't agree with their assessment we can look at the other results available.


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