Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Camley wrote:

Not me Ramius. I am delighted with the 35 and 55 Zeiss lenses. I would rather have a few great lenses than dozens of average ones.

Relax and don't be so angry. Other native FE lenses are coming, and in the meantime try out some non-native lenses and go and take some photographs.


At the moment, this system is not about massive variety or groundbreaking speed - it is about IQ. Next best thing to medium format in a much more manageable package.

If you look at current medium format lens systems, the selection is not so impressive. The IQ is, and so is the size & cost. I personally can't manage a Leica S2, but the Sony A7/r is something I can pay for, then take on a long hike.

Sure, the native EF selection still lags but the first two primes out are the first two I'd want. Both are awesome performers, priced very competitively against comparable Leica or Zeiss alternatives. More like that please, Sony - I can wait another year give or take.

Actually, to be honest, I haven't even gotten around to the native system yet - too busy enjoying my vintage Leitz, Nikkor, Canon, Minolta & Olympus lenses! (If someone sincerely can't manage the heft of an A7 with a legacy lens on an adapter, full-frame will probably never be for him/her.)

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