Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Ramius wrote:

Thus far, Sony has only released four lenses for the A7 cameras. And they have the nerve to present the camera at the Photography Show with APS-C mounted lenses:

Is this not a clear indication that the selection of FE optics is too limited? When they should have been presenting new FE lenses, they must instead present the camera with the newest in crop lenses instead. To me, this almost admitting that despite the camera being good, there is a lack of support for it.

The A7 still feels new. But it was actually released in november last year. Thats nearly five months ago. And despite the thing selling out like hot cakes, no third party lens manufacturer has announced anything for the FE mount.

Should they not have done so by now? I think its a bit wierd that big brand Sony is announcing such a good, expensive and revolutionary camera, but yet they have no cooperation with brands like Sigma, Tamron or Voigtlander to offer more choices in the FE-line.

This is a professional grade camera, and professionals need options. There has been several photography expos, shows and events they could have used to present FE optics on, but still they have not. How long is it going to take?

Actually, I would rather argue the opposite. It is very clear that you are new to the format. If you had been present during all the buildup of excitement after rumors, speculation, and the announcement as to which lenses would and would not work with either A7 and A7r, you would not pose such a question.

As is, the A7/r adapt to more lenses than any other digital FF camera, including the only other mirrorless mount, the Leica. The majority of such lenses have done extremely well - read up on IQ on both A7 and A7r, e.g. in comparison to the Canon and Nikon FF cameras. Only WA RF lenses pose (expectedly so) some issues.

Also, the A7/r both adapt to many lenses with intelligent adapters, carrying EXIF, AE and AF. Not the fastest AF, sure, but workable.

Professionals, who already have gear, have plenty of lenses that they can use on these new camera bodies. They are not waiting for a lens.

Also, Sony did something very right with the A7r - the FE35 and FE55 is pretty near the top in their class, and got great accolades. This is impressive by itself. There is controversy on the zoom lenses, but they are in fact pretty decent, but do need SW compensation.

Sony has also put out a roadmap, and this promises some very decent lenses. The rumors being true or not, there is talk about a FE16-35 and a fast FE85 (likely with OSS). Per the roadmap, Sony will release 5(!) FE lenses each year. That is quite a bit.

If you are in a group that only wants mature systems, there are great deals going on now on used Canikon professional gear.

But if you are an early adopter, and can make the best out of your current, and future, equipment, the A7/r are a joy to work with.

Time will go fast, each year the lens pool will increase.

Fwiw, no professional or semi professional system has ever launched with a full lens assortment. Asking for this is asking for the moon... plus you will never see any new system any more. Launching a system like the A7/r and seeing such a rapid adoption rate as is the case is quite an enormous achievement, especially in a down economy.

Sigma, Tamron, Zeiss, Samyang and several others have all signed up for the E-mount as third party lens manufacturers. Zeiss has announced a specific program to support FE with manual (M type) lenses.

Some lenses are merely adaptions (A to E mount requires a longer baffle), other lenses are E mount specific.

Oh, in case you wonder, E and FE mount are the same. FE is a nickname for full-frame FOV, as E-mount lenses are APS-C.

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