Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

You are the one who lacks understanding here.

A professional is someone who makes a living out of a profession. If you earn money taking pictures, you are a professional photographer. Now there are certain standards brought into the culture of the profession of photography. And the A7 fulfills them all.

An amateur photographer is someone who is doing it for a hobby. Where he is not required to produce photos for an employer/customer. Another word I prefer more is a hobby photographer, who can be more highly skilled than an amateur, but still not a professional photographer. If you want further proof of the definiton of professional, please read:

Myself am both educated in photography (formal training) and I make a living out of using my camera. IThat makes me a professional photographer. I´m not bragging but speaking purely objective here. Infact, I was just out on a job a few hours ago after starting this thread. That also makes the camera I use, a professional tool. And even though I could deliver good results with a small point and shoot camera, it would not allow me to produce the same kind of results I am used to in the job.

If you use the word professional to somehow indicate a high skill, (which is defined by taste). That is the wrong use of the word.

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