Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Your questions indicate a significant lack of knowledge and understanding.

MOST photographers are amateurs. I know amateurs who dutifully carry their 8x10 view cameras, their Hasselblads, their Leicas, their Nikons, etc, into the field to produce superb photographic work. Many amateurs pay thousands of dollars for the best lenses, the best tripods, the best cameras, etc, to do their love: making great photographs. They do this with their discretionary income.

Few professionals have the money to spend on such stuff. They buy equipment which they need to make a living. Every dollar counts. They buy cameras build to take a beating, both because they will be in constant use and if they do work that requires such ruggedness (like sports, wildlife, motor racing, war documentary, news, etc.).

The Sony A7 is a relatively lightly built, inexpensive camera with a large sensor, great image quality, mediocre responsiveness, and some significant limitations (like the shutter noise, the shutter vibration, the lack of native lenses, etc). To call it a "professional grade" camera demonstrates a thorough lack of understanding. Note that, as I said before, many cameras are capable of producing professional quality images that are most decidedly NOT "professional grade" cameras.

Learn a little bit about photography and the business of being a professional photographer before you call yourself one.

And that's the last I'll comment on this. I see no point to wasting time talking with someone who has such limited understanding of what they're making pronouncements about.

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