The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

LeeBic wrote:

A capture date rule for a challenge of the MY Best Photo This Week? This ridiculous crap has got to STOP!

One challenge in 37 has a capture date rule? Even if it may seem to make sense that is to many!!

OK, but what about: Challenge #3 in the Bring your camera everywhere series this week. Hosted by Rocky ID Olympian.

What if, (up until the 27th of February just gone) I had indeed been carrying my camera everywhere and had captured an exposure to blow most peoples socks off during my lunch hour - as suggested by the challenge?

Now, if I'm a stickler for the rules, that once in a lifetime exposure will never see the light of day - on DPREVIEW. Is that what a photography site is truly all about?

I'm confident that if I care to trawl through the last months worth of challenges that I'll find several more requiring the date-rule.

Of course nobody other than yourself is pointing out that: 'My best photo of the week' is the only example that can be attacked by my argument.

Wow, some of you guys are real light-weights when it comes to a debate that requires a little uncommon sense.

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