Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Then I guess you´re gonna have to question me everything you can. This camera is aimed at professional photographers because of its specifications. Its the best camera Sony makes, and its high visual quality and customization options is what caters to those who do photography for a living. Thats what makes it a professional grade camera. And the price reflects it too. What amateur is spending this kind of money on cameras?

Why would amateurs possibly need full format? Why would they need such high capacity camera, when they will never have to use it to the fullest extent? Infact, many have argued in this very thread that one of the sales point of the camera is to use legacy lenses. And who else have alot of legacy lenses but professional photographers?

The no compromised build of this camera is what makes it a professional grade camera. The cameras professional photographers use are what makes them professional grade. And its usually cameras like Nikon D800, Canon 1d, 5D mark 3, and now A7 is slowly taking its rightful place among this lineup.

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