Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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So suddenly when someone gives a glowing report

they are automatically a "fanboy"? Nice. I think enthusiasm is being confused for bias here sadly. But you seem inflamed in the wrong direction. Sorry YOUR results and mine with the mft is a different deal. No friggen way the mft stuff will retain highlights in the same manner as the X-T1 does, and don't think for one minute I didn't try this extensively before sending the EM1 to a new owner.

You guys act as if I just make these statements without having any tests behind these decisions. I realize after all this is the internet, but sheesh. Yeah in fact the shots I took in lower room natural light at ISO6400 showed significant differences between the EM1 and X-T1 to say the least. The amount of noise generated by the EM1 was to the point where fine detail was greatly effected. This is born out in too many reviews to quote. I just had to prove it for myself. As for the sky noise tune I've been singing (much to the chagrin of a few posters here) it's THERE like it or not. It may not bother everyone if they are viewing 50% on screen or in smaller prints. But that's not my thing and I"ve stated that up front.

If you don't like me or my opinions, that is totally cool. There are a number of folks that have followed me or have known about me for probably more years than you've been around this forum. I'm a straight shooter and that just doesn't sit well with many....I get that. This is just ONE of many examples of shots I took that the EM1 would NOT duplicate (taken at ISO6400 on the X-T1 regarding the color fidelity while retaining detail and NO noise.

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