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So this issue has been haunting me and I wanted to add a few more considerations.

Flash photography desperately needs a detailed instant-review.

One is flash photography which I forgot about earlier, but which would heavily profit from a histogram on the instant review. When shooting manual flash you certainly have no way of using the pre-shutter histogram to assess the final shot, and in fact you'd almost definitely have "preview exp in manual mode" disabled making the histogram pretty much pointless. Without a histogram on the instant review you are basically trapped constantly chimping (by which I mean toggling full review mode in this case, even if you do so in the viewfinder).

Lack of detail on instant-review exacerbates hidden histogram after AE/AF lock.

Another consideration is the awful way that the histogram disappears when you lock AE/AF (it is hidden until you release the half-shutter press). Now this is clearly it's own issue and IMHO should be fixed directly. After I've locked AE/AF is the time when I most want to double-check everything, so hiding the histogram is obnoxious. If I'm using "focus-recompose" then it's even worse, because I  have no way of knowing if the histogram has shifted after the recompose.

That said, each issue is exacerbated because of the other. If the instant-review included the histogram then it wouldn't be so sorely missed after AE/AF lock, and the same goes for the other way around. When both are missing the histogram the result is a serious lack of information to work with.

On X-E1 using the full-review method triggers performance issues and a disturbing bug.

This one is part of the overall awkwardness of the disk writing system on the X-E1, which I imagine most people have just gotten used to. From what I can tell any kind of context switching is slow and buggy whenever data is being written (i.e. the green+orange flashing light after you take a shot). Normally it's main effect is that after you shoot you have to wait a couple of seconds before the play/playback button starts working (this applies when you have a instant-review "on"), and even then it only triggers a simplified review UI until writing is finished (e.g. full info display won't kick in until the green+orange flashing stops).

Switching to full review mode while looking through the viewfinder (in my testing so far on my X-E1) not only takes a LONG time (as long as the instant review it feels) but also causes the back LCD to flash on with the limited UI review before kicking back to the EVF with the full review details. This is both annoying and potentially embarrassing in situations where you were depending on the EVF for stealth or subtlety.

I just tested this in the EVF-only "VIEW MODE" and it still happens! After you push the play button the LCD lights up with a preview for 1s before switching back to the EVF to show you the full review. Note that it doesn't happen if you switch to preview when the disk isn't writing (i.e. when the green+orange aren't flashing), it's only triggered right after you take a shot. Of course that's exactly the situation we're talking about when imagining that we can turn off instant-review and use full-review instead. (I also tested "Silent mode" and it had no effect on this issue).

Clearly this is a real bug that Fuji should (have) just fixe(d), and not an ergonomic decision of any kind, but it's an example of the many issues the X-E1 has while writing to disk. These various issues taken together are a very good reason for showing the histogram and other info in the instant review screen, since it would protect us from needing to switch to full review immediately after shooting when the bugs are most active.

I can only imagine that on the X-E2 and other next-gen Fuji's the new processor mitigates some of these issues by making the whole process faster, but I bet the core bug is still there.

Maybe we all have our own pet bugs in the "quirky" Fuji cameras, I think these disk writing bugs are becoming mine.

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