D600 dropped in ocean!

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Re: D600 dropped in ocean!

The issue is that you dropped the camera in salt water.  Salt water is a conductor of electricity so when you tried to use it, you probably suffered a short circuit.  I don't recommend you do this but I have seen labs soak electronics in distilled water a number of time to neutralize the effect of the salt water.  Distilled water is not a conductor of electricity and will leach out the soluble salts when given a chance.  Then dry the components.  What you will probably have to do is to send the camera to Nikon Service and have them perform the above procedures.  Of course, you might have done permanent damage by trying to use the camera after you dropped it in salt water.  They will send you an estimate and it will be up to you to decide whether it's worth it or not to repair the camera.  I'm not sure that you will be able to buy another main circuit board, especially in the US.  Nikon has a policy of not selling parts to 3RD party repair shops on their newer cameras.  There are other circuits that are not on the main PCB like the auto-focus system and the LCD display.  If you have home owner's insurance, they might be able to help with your issue.

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