There has to be a Xpro2....

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Re: There has to be a Xpro2....

DocetLector wrote:

Well, that`s exactly the point! Why not making the camera a bit bigger with a good handgrip, it would be so much more comfortable to use. Did you ever have a Mamiya 6 in your hands? Then you would probably know what I mean. Of course it is not necessary to make a body that big -that was a 6x6 MF.

I did extensively use the Panasonic GH-3 and that was one of the best ready made bodies with a great grip. I felt so sure I did not use a neck strap but rather the Black Rapid strap that I could remove easily and fast for video needs and then attach going back to stills.

The Panasonic GF-1 and GX-1 were pretty good as is until you placed a larger lens like the 35-100 2.8, or 100-300 zoom. The 12-35 2.8 was boarder line balanced on the rangefinder style body, but perfect for the GH-3.

A larger body is needed to make it work and I assume the XT-1 needs that battery grip to help it along.

I have the Sony RX 100 ii and I had to get the Franiec custom grip for that camera.

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