Looking for an alternative to Sony RX100ii that has Manual with auto-ISO

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Re: There is nothing wrong with the camera...

Ron AKA wrote:

dpr4bb wrote:

Ron AKA wrote:

Andy, I'm sorry, but I think you need to take a photography course and learn how to use the camera you have.

Which photography course is going to give Andy what he is looking for (auto-ISO in the M mode)? He is clearly sophisticated enough to appreciate the value of auto-ISO in the M mode, so I don't think he can be thought of as someone who doesn't know how to use his camera...

Sorry again, but because someone comes to the conclusion that having auto-ISO in the Manual mode is essential indicates they are not very knowledgeable about photography. Just about any basic course that covers the methods of adjusting exposure will do.

Classic straw man argument... Nobody has said that auto-ISO in the M mode is "essential." And nobody is forcing anybody else into using auto-ISO in the M mode, either.

Do you use auto-ISO at all?

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