Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Ramius wrote:

Thus far, Sony has only released four lenses for the A7 cameras.

Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

And they have the nerve to present the camera at the Photography Show with APS-C mounted lenses:

So ?

Is this not a clear indication that the selection of FE optics is too limited?

It's limited. If it's "too" limited for you, you don't buy it. I don't think Sony is planning to sell these in Nikon D800 quantities.

To me, this almost admitting that despite the camera being good, there is a lack of support for it.

No, it's admitting that there are four FE lenses. How does that indicate a "lack of support".

The A7 still feels new. But it was actually released in november last year. Thats nearly five months ago.

Wow ... and only 4 full frame lenses in five months ? (That was sarcastic).

This is a professional grade camera,

It's a little box with a full frame sensor.

and professionals need options.

Yep, therefore, professionals aren't about to abandon their $8000 DSLRs for it. But nobody really expected that, did they ?

How long is it going to take?

More than five months.

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