There has to be a Xpro2....

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Re: There has to be a Xpro2....

Just a Photographer wrote:

DocetLector wrote:

And now the XT1 is there, a nice little camera, weathersealed and quite responsive. But still not up to professional standards and still to small for my hands.

Just my opinion...

What don't you like about it except for the 'small' footprint? All of the X-series camera's are small.
As for professional standards. The X-T1 has the most functionality of all of the X-serie cameras so far. Its Fuji's top-end model for now and therewith the most 'pro' camera you can get from Fuji, unless you want to have a leaf shutter, but then you'll miss out on some other features.

If there will be an X-Pro 2 this year then the wait is probably until August/September as it would then definitely be introduced as a new entry for for Photokina.

However the overall current market situation for digital camera's might well lead to a slower introduction cycle with all manufacturers including Fuji. Nobody knows, except for Fuji themselves know what the future will bring them.

No one knows except for Fuji when an X-Pro2 will arrive, but when it does, I'm sure it will contain all the new features of the current camera line up and then some. If I were to place some bets for this year, I agree, Photokina is the most likely time and place. By then, the X-Pro1 will be almost 3 years old and most potential buyers will be trying to wait it out for the new model. The X-Pro1 is an excellent camera and will still be a worthwhile purchase a year from now, but if Fuji wants to keep selling them, they will need to release an updated version.

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