Nikon Should launch great Camera(FF Small Body) before Fuji launch FF

Started Mar 9, 2014 | Discussions thread
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I think the OP is taking the wrong less from the X-T1...

He's relating the X-t1 to the Df but realistically the Df being a FF camera is targeting a different market with size, price and performance.

There is for me a gap in the market when it comes to more compact but higher end ASPC systems that Canon and Nikon have not so far targeted. I actually think this lies behind alot of mirrorless sales in the west, you can't buy a really well made small DSLR with controls setup for high end use.

Whilst I think Nikon need a direct rival to Canon's SL1 theres also IMHO room in the market for a higher quality camera of similar size, perhaps with styling and controls similar to the Df.

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