Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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A large user base of APS-C cameras on one side and an emerging user base for FF cameras. How do you please both at the same time? You can't expect Sony to dish out new lenses so fast, because Sony is after quality.

Sony posted the roadmap and you all knew what you bought into. Now deal with it. You can either be happy with what you got or bitch about what you knew was not coming anyway.

That roadmap turned out to be false. It told us that the 24-70mm would launch with the camera. So did the press release about the cameras, which told us it would launch with three prime lenses. Instead, only the 35mm was available at launch. Along with the kit lens. The 55mm came later. The 24-70mm didnt even come that year.

But remember that this roadmap is only for their own lenses. Im making this thread about the whole FE range. Where other manufacturers should be offering lenses too. If you look at other sides of the consumer electronics business - Sony does not launch a new Playstation without communicating with third party studios and letting them start working on games before release. I wish they would have done so with this camera and and lenses as well.

Which A7/r do you own?

There are thousands of lenses for both the A7 and the A7r, and those of us who actually own the cameras have had NO lens-imposed limits to their use. I shot all weekend with lenses from 17mm to 90mm under a wide range of conditions, and I never missed any opportunity for lack of a lens.

Not to mention Canon lenses many of which AF and IS. When you think about it these cameras have
a massive lens base and they have only just been released. Throw in the best sensor available and
a fair price ... I certainly hope Sigma join in. Their one of the more exciting offerings since the
5D2 and making high quality optics to keep up with these sensors takes time and money.

It took Canon many years to build their lens base. Go Sony, thanks for waking me up.

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