Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

If you read back through e-mount threads, you will see that slow lens development and release is nothing new for Sony. Add to that the fact that people who spend a lot of money on a full frame camera are going to want lenses that have high quality over the whole frame. That's a lot harder than making lenses that are 'ok' over the cropped sensor. Thankfully there are MF legacy lens options to fill the gap. If Sony releases the FF lenses according to their roadmap that will be a surprise, and something to crow about (especially if they are high quality -- if not get ready to duck.)

In the old days (pre digital) camera manufacturers would release a new camera system with a wide range of lenses (at least the common ones plus a macro or two).  Today it seems like every new system release is a marketing test - release a camera or two and a lens or two - if it's popular the company will start gearing up to add lenses -- if they can convince the bean counters that the initial sales results really mean there will be sufficient return on investment to spend the money bringing new lenses to market.

For third party manufacturers it is even more difficult with a unique camera system.  The close registration distance and limited market for mirrorless FF lenses mean a unique lens line. They can't just swap mounts and electronics and sell them to their big markets (C&N users).  If they just take their older designs and use a long mount, they will get bashed for making lenses that are too large.  If Sony gives up after a couple of cameras or changes lens protocols, that's a lot of cost with no easy market.  It's happened in the flash area where companies hadn't produced flash accessories with the ISOi (Minolta) flash foot, then they started to, and then Sony changed the flash shoe.


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