70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

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Re: 70D Dynamic Range is actually great, despite what DXOMark says

janfi67 wrote:

janfi67 wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

Are you aware of all the details about CR2 format Canon discloses only under NDA?

Are you? Can you name someone other than a Canon employee who is?

Once again, you're not answering to the question.

Nor have you.

By reverse engineering, at least one public domain RAW converter use some proprietary information of the RAW file . Don't you think Adobe or DxO people cannot do at least the same?

And anyone working on reverse engineering the CR2 file would be in violation of their NDA, so any implication that you or anyone else has more knowledge about what Canon actually does in the CR2 file is just a red herring.

As usual, you don't understand what you are writing. Do you know what a NDA is? Not obviously. A Non Disclosure Agreement engage you to not disclose information given by the owner of this information. In case of reverse engineering, there is no NDA! You may in some cases violate intellectual properties laws, but obviously not a NDA that you have not signed.

I understand perfectly well what an NDA is.

If someone had signed an NDA with Canon.

They would be in violation of their NDA with Canon if they worked with a 3rd party team to reverse engineer the CR2 file.

So asking if I have an NDA with Canon is a red herring, as no one working to reverse engineer the CR2 file should have an NDA with Canon.

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