D600 dropped in ocean!

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Re: D600 dropped in ocean!

Had you immediately immersed the camera in fresh water, there would have been a small chance of preventing any corrosion from the salt water. This was actually a recommended action back in the dark ages when cameras weren't practically small computers. That opportunity has been lost at this point.

And even then, the water residue on the sensor, mirror, and everything else in the optical path would still remain. As well as whatever parts might still corrode from the fresh water remaining in the camera. Plus any debris that might have entered the camera during the process.

I suspect the lens is likely useless as well, as it would also require a complete disassembly and through cleaning of every single surface, even if they weren't corroded by now.

Unfortunately, you killed it and there's really no useful course of action other than replacement.

On the other hand, I know a guy who dropped a cell phone in the toilet.  He shook it out and left it in the sun in the back yard for a few days and it worked fine.  Smelled a little funny, but worked fine

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