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Re: Lightroom is the gold standard

Brad Evans wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

Brad Evans wrote:


For me, Lightroom is the gold standard for processing, managing my photos, and preparing files for output/printing. It's robust and has never let me down over more than six years and many tens of thousands of photos.

It's more than just about RAW conversion. It's also about having a lot of useful editing features and an intuitive user interface that makes working with the program a delight for photographers. And it's well supported with frequent updates that add very useful features.

I'll wait a couple weeks for the RAW conversion.

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Only problem is it does a pretty cr*ppy job with certain Fuji X-Trans sensor raw files. Here's a sample RAF from an X-E2 that ACR/LR can't handle but the other converters can. ACR/LR's processing of this file is an embarrassment.


It's a secure FTP site so:

username: Fuji

password: XF-14mm

Odd, or maybe not so odd, I've had zero problems whatsoever processing my X-E2 files with LR 5.3.

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Here's 100% of a section of that file.

If you can't see the halo that Adobe is placing around the utility wire and along the roof top, or if it simply meets your standards, then it's not at all odd that you have zero problems with LR.

The file is there for you to download. Please show us how to process it in ACR/LR without that halo since the fault must be due to mine and others' lack of skill (I'm not the only one to have noticed this problem). We'd really appreciate a solution if you can help.

If you can't help then as far as Fuji X-Trans raw files are concerned your gold standard is fools gold.

P.S. In C1 and PN that file processes without a trace of that halo.

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