60 yr old model shot with Panasonic GX7

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Re: Bad taste

Klaus dk wrote:

RunnerSomewhere wrote:

I would suggest trying again. Her hair has a green tint and she's wearing a shade of purple. She looks like she could be a sibling of the Joker. She also looks drunk.

Commenting negatively on the looks of models is considered bad taste and not at all helpful to the photographer.

I meant no disrespect, but it was in bad taste and I apologize. I will try to be constructive. It looks as though she was standing next to a window and shot with natural light. If you have no other lighting, try having her face the window (your back to the window) to get a nice even light across her face. I assume the green tint is the result of something on the window or in the room. That can be fixed by manually setting the white balance in-camera, or adjusted in PP. I'm not a pro, but the head tilt looks off.  It may look fine with adjusted lighting. I have no suggestions, other than to experiment.

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