Full Frame future in small cameras and Cell Phones/Tablets

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Re: Full Frame future in small cameras and Cell Phones/Tablets

scorrpio wrote:

It would require creating a material that can manipulate light in the same fashion a regular lens does while remaining entirely flat and about 1-2 mm thick. Probably something integrated with the sensor like those microlenses in use today - but of a much higher order of construction, and manipulable on atomic level to provide zoom and focusing functionality. Consider a precisely aligned refraction layer where every atom can be rotated at the same time by a precise angle. Billions of them at the same time. That's a level of nanotechnology we are nowhere close to. Although who knows what those secret military-funded labs are up to?

Or, it would require an array of cellphone camera modules.  Mount enough of them on the back of the tablet, add some image-stacking software, and you'll have all the characteristics of an FF sensor - great low-light performance, narrow DOF, huge DR, that sort of thing.

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